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Real Life Information

Name: Kate Dunway

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Nationality: Scottish has a Scandinavian father.

Were you a Beta-Tester?: No

Personality: A real hard core fan of rock and shooters even though she uses guns in real life. She's part Scandinavian so when there's alcohol around she'll drink lots but usually she's not a drinker. She's a party goer but once she notices a boring party or when she's not amused she’ll ditch it. She's a tough bitch and a cool friend, once you get under the tough exterior she can be a real softie. Easily gets bored, and is lazy at times but when it gets serious she gets serious. When there's a thing to be done she's bound and determined to finish it. Tough but when a person needs to be slapped by some common sense and some encouragement she'll give it to you(a real hard love talking) and a light punch on the shoulder or a slap on the back. She might not act like it at times but she can be smart and be a leader to pull through when the going gets rough. Real snarky sometimes, and can be a total jerk and loudmouth even though she doesn't really mean to be. She's not really one for comforting or situations such like that she'll get awkward and bring out the tough mask, but when it's serious all awkwardness fades when someone is really in pain or has a problem. You can say she's like a beacon of strength for the team. Can be impatient sometimes and has quick temper at times.

Description: Hair in GGO: Two big dreads on each side and on the top down the middle is a mohawk undercut with long hair. Color is a dark brownish blond to almost brown.
Hair in Real Life: Mohawk with sides braided or just a curly mohawk.
Hair in ALO: Lagertha hairstyle, Viking braid, One big braid on top of the head, small ones curve up around the big one. She changes the style every now and then. Has norse war paint sometimes.
Wears black gages. One on the lobe and 3 small ones with eyebrow piercing thing twisting(twirling) in an out of them. Has a maori tribal tattoo on the left shoulder. Color is black. Has belly ring. Sun tattoo on her right middle finger. Short scar on her left eyebrow though it's barely noticeable. Slim muscular body type. Sleeveless tops which is black and grey, gym pants or pants, etc etc. List more later.
(Again, be descriptive! Include body type, outfit, hairstyles, any accessories, tattoos, scars, and piercings he/she may have.)

Bio: Born to a Scottish mother and an Scandinavian father. Born to a medium society wealthy family. Grew up in a good house until her father's job went bankrupt and had to live in a lower house. Kate was always on the tough side, street smart and always getting into trouble, and bullying the little ones out of her problems. Sadly one day when she was about 13 her mother turned on her and attacked her because she was drunk. Her mother resorted to drinking when they moved into the house so many fights broke out between her parents. Her mother is in jail. She's had to live with her dad since then but she decided to join the organization Yana is in. Ever since then her father became sick. (That part will be a story)

Eye Color: Chuck Hazel

Hair Color: Dirty Amber blond (or strawberry blond)

Weight: 120 Ibs

Height: 5’2

Real Life Relationships:

(Repeat as many times as you need/want!)

Name: Yana Antonov
Name: Aliec Cohen

Relationship to your character: Friends
How they met: (Add just a little detail if needed.) Same as Yana. I give detail later.

ALfheim Online Information

Race: Gnome

Level: 78

Guild: No but maybe I'll make one up one day

Armor (very very very very VERY Scandinavian inspired with other tribal things added. With a twist of Dwemer like appearance in certain armour spaces/places (if that even makes sense)(from elders scrolls) (That's all I need to say.) I'll give a drawing someday on what she looks like, for now leave it up to the imagination.

Neck:- Scandinavian runic necklace (pendant) with scottish (celtic whatever) symbols on the back.

Trinkets: Wolf head charm (grey colored)


Main Hand: Two handed Hammer called Ragnarok’s Spirit. It is massive and it is big.

Off Hand: Two long Daggers (Does your character carry a secondary weapon? This doesn't apply if your character is carrying a two-handed weapon or completely magic based.)

(List the Extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill.) Two big daggers that she uses only in a means of overkill or in a situation. She’ll go or run in, jump high (however high she can go, throw out her daggers up, do the spinny thing with hands and they disappear melting and then reappearing onto her soles (Bottom of her feet) then she does the Berserker Stab Kick repeatedly and in a very quick fashion (her legs are like a blur) until the health bar is low or the enemy is dead or she's done enough damage then she'll back away. Usually finishes it with a very hard sidekick or sweep kick or kick with both feet which bounces her back. It's a very risky move but she likes challenges. Skill is called Berserker Stab Kick I guess. (Could belong in the skill section I think, idk)

-Earth Quake(Ragnarok sends a massive Shockwave (earthquake) through the ground creating sharp objects to form and changing the earth so it'll kill enemies.
-Blocking/shield magic(when Kate holds it out in front of herself, when both hands are on the handle it'll create a dome like shield protecting the front of her body)
-Berserker Charge and strength ( strength has limit, when it's over limit she'll get tired, pass out or die)
-Berserker Fury( goes with two daggers) I'll explain more later and add to it

Gun Gale Online Information

ScreenName: Attaka-9 (Gattaka) (Add-duh-kuh)

Level: 129

Squadron: (Is your character a part of a Squadron? If so list the name and type of Squadron it is.)

Head: Black shaders

Neck: Dogtag

Shoulders: no

Chest: Blackish brown longcoat (torn and wasted at the bottom). No yank tank shirt that's black.

Hands: black Fingerless gloves

Rings: No

Waist: Worn Wasteland belt utility(carries ammunition and plasma grenades and smoke grenades)

Legs: Wasteland pants

Feet: Black boots

Trinkets: Her shades have the ability to zoom in like binoculars or a sniper. Also has the ability to scan things and notice traps although sometimes not accurate She's used that twice or 4 and never again. Only when the situation is dire or in need. (I think that belongs in skill but whatever, lol)


Main Hand:  FN F2000 with a blaster on the bottom. (Shoots blue)

Off Hand: .44 Auto Mag pistol. Carries plasma grenades and 2 smoke grenades.

(I unfortunately don't know what the maximum amount is, so I'll go with what one of you did; which is 100. Base stats; 10-15 range.)
Agility: 83

Vitality: MAX

Dexterity: 78

Strength: 89

Luck: 77

(List the skills and extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill.) List later
My Velvet Valentine

There is nothing quite like the red
On my velvet cake
It fills the void, the need and desire to eat it whole
And delve into the sweet taste

Although not like the rose
It shares qualities
The sweet scent and the handsome color that stands out calling to me

There's nothing quite like the taste of love
Like the velvet cake
Tis like floating and dancing
Thus walking the road of satisfaction

Tis the love of the velvet cake
Not like the boring chocolate
That is baked
My Velvet Valentine
Who doesn't love Velvet cake?
Anyways Happy Valentine's day guys! 😚😚
Real Life Information

Name: Yana Antonov  

Nicknames Bohdana, Yohdanov, Ana, Bohdonov.

Age: 18(when she shows up in GGO) 19 when she meets Kirito and his crew at the Café

Gender: Female

Nationality: Ukrainian Native American

Were you a Beta-Tester?: no

Personality: Yana can be funny,cool and quick witted at times. Strong Willed, tough and proves to be hardheaded at times with those she works with because of her selfless and stubborn nature and willingness to stand up and speak her mind especially when she needed to save a kid. Sometimes a bit snarky and sarcastic at times. She is loving to those who are close to her although she isn't really one for hugging but she nudges them. Has a minor to mild form of PTSD due to being almost raped by her father and her parents being killed and also during a military mission she went on. Going on missions like that can do this but whenever this happens she just calms herself and she is still and remains motionless in which her eyes glaze over half lidded and dark until it's over.  That's how she deals with it. Doesn't happen frequently on missions but when it takes over or when it's a certain moment that triggers it she’ll hide or when she has a companion with her she’ll lean onto them. She's not easily angered but when it happens stay on her good side some people have been on the receiving end of that especially bad guys. They get shot multiple times. Trauma and insanity come into play and when she's experiencing insanity or whatever she’ll get this emotionless look in her eye. Capable of being cold and distant, and also capable in leaving a person to die. She falls into depression once and a while.

Description: Hairstyle in ALO is a bob with an undercut. One side swept to the right eye. Black sports from the roots and fades into burgundy. Or just a dark burgundy and fades into a lighter burgundy.

Hairstyle in real life is an Easy Bedhead. Sometimes wears it up or has it in a messy bun. Once she had worn ringlets or cornrows on both sides of her head and on the top of her head just in a ponytail that laid back against her head when she was on a mission in irl.

Hairstyle in GGO is Motoko’s hairstyle from Ghost in the Shell. Albeit longer.

She's slim bodied with medium sized breasts. She has a scar on her right eyebrow. Casual wear:usually jeans with tears and sleeveless tops such as white and black. shoes are converses. Whenever she wants to go all out and fashion like she'll wear a beanie, jogger pants and whatnot. On missions she's even more stylish. She has a tattoo on her back on her left shoulder. They are wings( two or three roses lay behind the wings) that have a bullet just slightly below. Two dragons intertwine just slightly below the tip of the bullet their mouths are open as if about to swallow 3 separate balls of light. The fourth one is halved. (Again, be descriptive! Include body type, outfit, hairstyles, any accessories, tattoos, scars, and piercings he/she may have.)

Background/Bio: Yohdanov didn't have the greatest upbringing growing up. Her parents were low financially, but they did love her as best as they could. Her sister died at the age of 3 by an unnamed disease. She had an alcoholic father to deal with and sometimes her parents spat. Her father made sure not to abuse her or hurt her in anyway but he did hit on her and her mom a couple times while drunk and he once tried to rape Yana but her mother knocked him out that day. Her father didn't have a great relationship with his workers. Eventually it got so bad Yana resorted to her room sometimes spying on her parents misfits and crying alone. One day as she and and her parents were walking home they bumped into 3 of her father's coworkers. The man in the front took out a gun and shot her father down and her mother. She went to live with her aunt for a short while but her aunt suffered a stroke leaving a grief stricken little girl alone, that's when she was took in by a man who was apart of this organization at the age of 9. The man treated her like a father and at the age of 12 she took a job as a spy eventually turning into a detective and a hitman (assassin).
All those years later she goes into GGO to find information about this drug lord who plays a big part in a mass murder and eventually bumping into Kirito, getting his help and meeting his crew.

Eye Color: Chestnut  brown

Hair Color: Brunette Black

Weight: 120- 130 Ibs

Height: 5’5

Real Life Relationships:

(Repeat as many times as you need/want!)

Name: Aliec Cohen (Male) pronounced Alec
Name: Kate Dunway (Female)

Relationship to your character: (friends)
How they met: (Add just a little detail if needed.) Needed for missions and whatnot. Became close friends.

Gun Gale Online Information

ScreenName: Yohdanov

Level: 197
201 when she meets Kiritos crew (she plays it whenever she has off time or has time to spare)

Squadron: Yes and No she usually plays solo sometimes(Is your character a part of a Squadron? If so list the name and type of Squadron it is.)

Head: sometimes whenever her hoodie is down she’ll wear black (maybe purple) tinted shades

Neck: no

Shoulders: No

Chest: Crop Top is black with an with a built in zipper hoodie (purple or grey with golden seam designs on the edges) that attaches at the collar. The hoodie has an eagle's’ beak. Zipper stops midway between her boobs. Long sleeved ending is pointed like a witches glove. Right sleeve is raggedly cut shortly just inches below the elbow. 2nd Option is (badass) trench coat or long coat.  (Selene outfit from Underworld so you get the gist it's a little changed up though so I'll explain later) Whenever she's hanging out black Halter top with blue jeans and storm blue converses. Or black sleeveless shirt.

Hands: Fingerless biker gloves. 2nd option none.

Rings: no

Waist: Punk Rocker silver chain slung to the side. 2nd op.

Legs: Black Punk rocker jeans or just torn up black or dark blue jeans. 2nd op.

Feet: Icon 1000 elsinore boots (black leather)

Trinkets: (Does your character have any 'lucky' trinkets that they carry? Max is 2) list later


Main Hand: M7 SMG(Double wielding whenever she comes into the scene like a badass) and a rare assault rifle that I'll name later.

Off Hand: Dagger, Estoc, Throwing Knives (she doesn't use them all the time). Beretta 92FS handgun

(I unfortunately don't know what the maximum amount is, so I'll go with what one of you did; which is 100. Base stats; 10-15 range.)
Agility: 91(Affects fire speed and evasion

Vitality: MAX

Dexterity: 94(Affects accuracy)

Strength: 95(Affects carrying capacity and the ability to wield certain guns)

Luck: 90(Affects drop rate of items)

(List the skills and extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill.)

ALFHEIM Online Information
Race: Hybrid between Spriggan and Salamander. (Hybrid? Because why the fuck not.)

Level: 87

Guild: No

Head: Golden ear cuffs

Neck: Purple labradorite necklace  (Is your character wearing any necklace type objects?)

Shoulders: Left Dragonrider Shoulder guard

Chest: An opened circled holtered chest that's a burgundy colored dress that has multiple open circles that hugs the torso and has one legged leggings for the left leg. intil it flows to the ankles and reveals one leg.

Hands: on the left that goes up to the elbow it is laced. Right is just Fingerless and solid. (Arm- Ukrainian styled arm ring)

Rings: Purity Ring shaped like two dragons intertwining both with mouths open holding a silken  bluestone.

Waist: Belt

Legs: one legged Leggings (that's apart of the dress)that cover the left leg

Feet: leather foot guards. Right one twirls around. 2nd op is high heels or elven boots

Trinkets: No


Main Hand: -Boletaria’s Greatbow (appearance is of the Dragonslayers Greatbow from Dark Souls, name is is a nice little homage to Demon Souls) Her second option in a weapon that she got by defeating a boss, which she only used once or twice. Used whenever the group were in danger and she had to get to a higher place. (Formed out of magic fire)(maybe).
-Maidens Lada (sword)(Lada is an Ukrainian Goddess meaning love,marriage, summer and beauty.)
-Malevolent Siren(longsword)

Off Hand: Anor’s Carver (Anor londo reference) a carved dagger that is covered in runes and elvish designs

(List the Extra skills that your character knows here, and a brief explanation of how well they can do the skill.) Dual Wielding and others I'll list later

Illusion Musketeer
Wall of Embers (used this once because she was trapped)
Illusion immolation
Archers Wit (the ability to run faster)
Wall run
Shapeshifting into fire or turning into fire the ability to travel with it and reform herself
Illusion Metamorphosis: Flame Atronach, Gleam Eyes,  
(List the spells/abilities that your character knows here.)
  1. attracted to a fruit. Changing genders everytime you sneeze would be a bit cool and awkward. o.o
    • Can i live with a video game character? It would be with Sonic or Shadow. Cartoon character(s) i have a lot so i'll name one Death The Kid or Dannny Phantom. Ugh anime is a cartoon style too!.
      • it's ok i guess this is my first time.
        • i dont wear eyeshadow it makes my eyes water.
          • Mother Gothel
            • Both
              • i dont Know.
                • singing rate 1 or maybe 3
                  • dancing erm 2
                    • i have a lot. Nickleback, Weezer, Evanescence, Crush 40, Breaking Benjamin, etc etc
-yes once
-no and yes cant name
- "Don't make a girl a promise, if you know you can't keep it" i usualy say it when im alone :-3
- rice, beef, pizza, noodles, etc
-dark colors and some light colors.
gold, baby blue, black, red, silver,vine green etc


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